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ECWA USA DCC Week of Fasting & Prayers


December 31st to January 6th

The DCC feels it will be good to start the New Year by seeking the face of the Lord in a special and collective way. Hence the decision to observe the first week of the year as a time of fasting and prayer. Below is a guideline with a prayer focus for each day. If you are a part of an existing Church or prayer cell, you may receive additional information on how to observe the week alongside other members. Otherwise, work out your own convenient plan for observing the week. 

DAY                             FOCUS

Monday                       Revival in our churches and prayer cells

Tuesday                       DCC leaders, Pastors and Fellowship leaders

Wednesday                 Economic and health related break through for our members

Thursday                     Fellowship groups (Men, Women, Youth & Young Adults)

Friday                          New Prayer Cells and status change for current Prayer Cells

Saturday                      Political harmony and economic recovery in the US

Sunday                         Youth & Young adult Conference and DCC meetings

May you find joy in coming together to start the New Year in this way. And may the experience spur us into greater spiritual exploits in 2013.



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