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Science vs Religion: Is there a place for faith in the lab?


Science vs Religion: Is there a place for faith in the lab?

Can the conflicts between science and religion ever be reconciled? Must it be science vs religion? In this video, chemistry student Jeremy Weber (CAS’16) talks to religious scientists from the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths about the ultimate question.

A chemistry major and lifelong science addict, Weber is not traditionally religious; he treasures religious culture, not spirituality. His chiropractor father exposed him to biology textbooks and museums, and what he learned ruled out for him a literal reading of scripture with its miracle stories.

When Boston University Today asked Weber’s faculty advisor, College of Arts & Sciences senior lecturer Binyomin Abrams to recommend someone to help interview students and faculty for a video on the topic of “science vs religion,” Abrams had just the person. Weber wound up talking to both those of faith who study science and those whose scientific knowledge caused them to part ways with religion.


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