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Nigerian High Commission apartments in Ghana demolished

Nigerian High Commission in Ghana
Nigerian High Commission in Ghana

Some new apartments built at the residence of the Nigerian High Commissioner in Ghana’s capital city Accra, have been demolished by bulldozers. The apartments have been constructed to house staff and visiting diplomats to the High Commission. But they have been pulled down under the supervision of gun wielding security officials.

A source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Channels TV that a businessman had claimed that the Nigerian High Commission’s staff quarters was being built on his land.

The man reportedly showed up last week with some pieces of evidence to support his claim and began to knock down the fence surrounding the building.

Nigerian high commission apartment in Ghana demolished by armed men
Nigerian high commission apartment in Ghana demolished by armed men

According to the source, the action of the man was not opposed while the Nigerian High Commission petitioned the Ghanaian Government about it, but there was no response.

Days later, he was said to have returned to the premises of the staff quarters and this time, with a bulldozer and began to pull down the building.

In a bid to stop the demolition, officials contacted the police who reportedly showed up at the site when the building was almost pulled down.

While the police allegedly allowed the man to leave the scene without reprimand or questioning, the Ghanaian authorities have yet to respond to the Nigerian High Commission about what happened

The demolition exercise was said to have been carried out late Friday.

Reacting to the demolition, Nigeria’s foreign affairs minister, Geoffrey Onyeama said the Federal government is working with the Ghanian authorities and demanding urgent action to find the perpetrators.


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