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Film screening with filmmaker: Nowhere to call home


Film screening with filmmaker: Nowhere to call home

Time and Date: 7:00pm, Wednesday January 20 (6:00am EST)
Venue: Duke Kunshan University (DKU), Kunshan, Jiangsu, China IB-1008 (IB-Auditorium)
DKU is a Chinese-American partnership of Duke University
Zoom ID: 530.394.0458

Nowhere to call home provides a rare glimpse into the world of a Tibetan woman without her hukou, torn between her traditional way of life and her desire for her son to have a better future in the city. Shot in the hutongs of Beijing and a remote village near the epicenter of Tibetan self-immolations, this gripping story of a woman determined to beat the odds puts a human face on the political strife that fractures China and Tibet. Along the way it challenges common Western stereotypes about Tibetans, and reveals a dark side of life in a traditional village, where, as the saying goes, ‘women aren’t worth a penny.’


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