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BMW just unveiled its first color-changing car, and you have to see it to believe it


BMW’s color-changing concept car is known as the “iX Flow featuring E Ink.” Shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. (Video, BMW)

The BMW Flow electric SUV concept can change colors (hues) at the press of a button, going from white to gray or black and back again instantly, with future plan for all shades of color. The color changing is accomplished by the same e-ink technology used in electronic readers. The colored panels were cut in different shape to match the SUV’s body panels, each of which is attached to electric wiring that changes the hues.

BMW has not announced if or when they will bring this color changing technology to a production vehicle. However, the automaker express the advantages to being able to change the tone of a vehicle at a moment’s notice to match the mood you’re in.

Take Away

  • The first color-changing car
  • Drivers can change the color of the car at the touch of a button, instantly.


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