Messiah — April 10, 2022 at 5:09 am

The Making of a Messiah



In this fascinating lecture Dr. Tabor lays out what might be called the “dynamics of Messianic identity”–or even “self-identity,” in the late 2nd Temple period of Judaism and the emergence of what eventually became “Christianity.” For much more on this topic see Tabor’s blog–and please subscribe to receive updates (emails kept confidential always):… This lecture was part a Biblical Archaeology Society seminar, publishers of the premiere archaeology magazine, Biblical Archaeology Review. It is used with permission. I encourage viewers to subscribe to the incredible BAS Library, with thousands of articles, books, and videos. There is nothing like this rich archive that covers every major topic and discovery for more than 40 years. Unlimited access to the library is available for a small annual subscription price, see:


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