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Evangelical seminary dean Vitaliy Vinogradov (right) was fleeing Russian occupation of Bucha, attempting to walk 10 miles to safety in Kyiv, when Russian forces killed him and left his body on a local street, a close friend and ministry associate said. (Photo distributed by BP)

Evangelical Seminary Dean Among the Civilians Massacred in Bucha

Hundreds of people—including the dean of an evangelical seminary—were found massacred by Russian military forces in a suburb of Kyiv. The Background: Russian armed forces are accused of numerous war crimes—including murder, torture, and rape—as they were withdrawing from the Ukrainian suburb of Bucha. Evidence of the massacre was uncovered ​​on Friday, April 1, when hundreds of civilians in the city […]

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Sodom and Gomorrah afire, by Jacob Jacobsz. de Wet d. J., probably Köln, c. 1680, oil on canvas - Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt - Darmstadt, Germany

What does the Bible say about war?

There are many wars mentioned in the Bible. Wars of conquest (Joshua 1:6), civil wars (2 Samuel 3:1), and even a war in heaven (Revelation 12:7). Of course, wars involve killing; there is no way around it. We know that murder is sin (Exodus 20:13). But what about the killing of an enemy combatant during wartime? First, we know that […]

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Russia-Ukraine War - Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Reportedly Destroyed in Chernobyl in Intense Fighting

Fighting continues in Ukraine as talks begin in Belarus

Russian forces bombarded a residential area in Ukraine’s second-largest city with rockets on Monday, killing at least one person, and several large detonations were heard in the center of the capital Kyiv, as talks between delegates on both sides in Belarus came to a close. The attack and explosions were launched as Russia becomes increasingly isolated from the rest of […]

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