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Christ’s Resurrection: Knowing Heaven and Reviving Dreams

The Easter season is a celebration of second chances, renewal, and surprising fulfillment. This is not only true for those who witnessed the first Easter, but for us today as well! On the first Easter Sunday, God took the disciples’ greatest disappointment and turned it into their greatest happiness. Unfortunately for us, disappointment is one of the biggest deterrents of […]

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Reflection: Ministry Without Limits.

Ministry Without Limits

A congregation I once served opened their building monthly for a Narcotics Anonymous group. The relationship was conflict-free until a parishioner discovered a pill on the fellowship hall floor and called the police. An analysis determined it wasn’t an illegal substance, but the congregation harbored concerns: “What if a young child had picked up the pill and it was an […]

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Assessing your Relationships

Don't overlook assessing your relationships asking your partner or spouse the right questions (blackdoctor.org photo) As the year
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