The Church: A Den of Robbers?


It is written, he said to them, my house will be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of robbers. Luke 19:46

Cleansing the Temple and cleansing the Church
Cleansing the Temple and cleansing the Church

If Jesus Christ came to our places of worship (churches) today, what will He see and what will He say? Will He find us praying – that is seeking His face and not so much obsessed with seeking His hand?

Like the letters God directed John to write to the 7 Churches in Asia, I really wonder what God will say to our churches today. Churches that double up as commercial centers to make things ‘convenient’ for their parishioners could possibly face the same charge as quoted in the verse above. Others might be charged for any of the following: turning the church into a Disco club; a theater for Talent Show; a personal franchise; a convent for lasciviousness and witchcraft; a social club or an academic institution for promoting self-achievement and not for true worship of God; a place for political cultivation; a place to flaunt economic or racial superiority; or just a nominal church where they neither subscribe to the Bible as the infallible Word of God nor yield to the control of the Holy Spirit or Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Hopefully there will be several churches God will commend for worshipping in Spirit and in Truth. Such solid Bible based, Spirit led, Christ centered and God honoring churches are fast disappearing. Make sure you are in one of them and help keep them alive.

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