You Chose This?


This is the verdict: light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. John 3:19

Jesus: The light of the world
Jesus: The Light of the world

God in His wisdom created the day and the night. Men go about their work in the daytime and rest during the night. This pattern still holds true in many parts of the world except in the industrialized cities where man is working hard to eliminate darkness. We like light and long for it over darkness. There is another light that shines in the hearts of men. This light dispels ignorance, exposes sinful habits and connects us with our Creator resulting in peace with God, peace in our own lives, peace with others and peace with our environment.

This light that shines in our hearts is far better than the light of the sun, moon, stars and electricity. Sadly, we do not long for this light as we long for the physical light. Even though this Light is in the world, we keep switching it off because of our preference for darkness. A heart that is engulfed in darkness engages in sinful habits while the heart that has this Light engages in acts of righteousness. While the righteous man is comfortable when his acts are exposed in the light, the sinful man is uncomfortable and prefers darkness to hide his evil deeds.

One day all the deeds of darkness will be exposed. Light wins. May we let the Son of God – Jesus Christ the Light of the world rule in our hearts. We will not have anything to be ashamed of. Amen!

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