Conference, ECWA USA National conference — June 29, 2022 at 12:46 pm

ECWA USA 2022 International Conference July 21 – 24, 2022

Atlanta - Midtown
Atlanta – Midtown

Look, He is coming with the cloud!” Revelation 1:7




Comfort Suites Atlanta Airport, 5087 Clark Howell Highway, Atlanta, GA 30349 ($103/room/night-sleeps 6) Make reservation calls Monday, Wednesday – Sunday 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm EDT For the rate Call: Walker (678)-851-5572 mention July 21, 2022, conference


Quality Inn Atlanta Airport East, 357 Lee Street, Forest Park , GA 30297 ($103.60/room/night -sleeps 2 adults only) Make a reservation by calling 404-908-7799, at the prompt “press” 0 for the front desk assistant.


Adult Programs in Plenary Sessions and Workshops That focus on preparing for the rapture and strengthening your hope in Christ

Programs for Youth from Middle School to College To discuss your career, trade, or occupational goals Have group fellowship meeting and networking

Programs for Young Adults To discuss finding the right partner, dating and preparation for marriage and to discuss spirit-filled marriage

Programs for Older Single Adults To discuss various challenges and relevant social issues Provide opportunities to fellowship and network

Programs for Children With variety of bible games and childcare provisions

Other Highlights: Adult and Youth Bible Quiz, Mindset Change session and Fundraising, Discussion Forum on Depression, Break-through prayer fellowship groups, Praise worship sessions, and special presentation in Swahili.


Please help by making donations to Atlanta 2022 Conference here through Elexio Community ChMS. For questions contact the following: Send email to Sister Garba 240-547-8118 Dr Olaoye 678-895-2050 Elder Kolawole 502-489-7713 Brother Akoda 301-213-1457 Elder Osasona 404-735-3452 Please for those flying to the conference, send your travel itinerary to email. All payments relating to the 2022 conference are made to ECWA Church Atlanta who will give account to the National Conference Committee for reporting to the DCC.  



  ECWA CONFERENCE PAMPHLET: Everyone is welcomed to send in their messages of greetings, congratulations and Conference well-wishes for publication in the Conference Pamphlet. Along with the greetings, all are encouraged to send their pictures (personal or family) to be included in the publication. Send your messages via Email to Pictures to be in pdf format please. RATES: 1. Full Page General…. $100.00 2. Half Page General….. $60.00 3. Full Page Church/Prayer/Fellowship Group… $80.00 4. Half Page Church/Prayer/Fellowship Group… $50.00 5. Full Page Business… $120.00 6. Half Page Business… $80.00No charge for official messages or welcome messages from DCC Chairman, Fellowship Leaders or other Officials acting in official capacity. There will also be no charge for articles submitted for spiritual or other benefits of members. Any further information required, please contact Elder Osasona directly on 404-735-3452.


Please make your Pamphlet selection and payments under Atlanta location here through Elexio Community ChMS.

You can complete your registration in multiple ways:

  • Click here for direct link to the form
  • Text  Atlanta2022 to 678-922-4222 on your Mobile
  • Through MinistryOne Mobile App – Tap on Events or Discover icon. Tap the conference form.
  • Scan QR Code from your Mobile devices:


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