Hope For the Hopeful and The Hopeless


Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Rom. 12:12

Hope For the Hopeful and The Hopeless

Chambers defines hope as a desire – an expectation that something good will happen. Hope for anything on this side of heaven is conditioned by many factors. Everyone alive had had hopes dashed, even when we were assured. When our hope is on God and what He has done or promised, we can count on that. God has never and will never fail to fulfill His promises. No factors will alter, delay, or thwart God’s plans. That is why our verse for today invites us to rejoice in the hope that we have. The list is inexhaustible – Salvation, the forgiveness of sins, eternity with God, resurrection, all things working together for good, etc. Hope motivates us to be patient in affliction because we know that God is a Just God, and He will execute judgment. Be faithful in prayer because God hears and answers every true prayer. Without hope, hopelessness and anxiety take over. Have your hope on God alone.


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