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When Waiting is Hard Work!


Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord (Ps. 27:14).

When Waiting is Hard Work!
When Waiting is Hard Work!

I t is much easier to keep busy than wait. Waiting feels like a waste of time and even sinful. The truth is that we are impatient and want to have control of our situation. King Saul was told to wait for seven days (1 Sam. 13:8), but war broke out during the time of waiting. Saul was patient until the 7th day but felt things were getting out of control, and he broke the rules by making a sacrifice. Samuel showed up just as Saul was finishing the sacrifice. Saul lost for not waiting. God has you where you are. You have prayed and are exercising faith in God and waiting for Him. Keep on waiting. Waiting is hard work. Do not attempt to help God; wait! God is always on time. To my shame, I share this testimony. For two years, I shared the Gospel with a Muslim but gave up when there was no sign of a breakthrough. A few months later, this Muslim came to Christ – a clear case of impatience on my part. Hang on, dear friend. God’s clock does not run late; yours may be running fast.



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