Christmas, ECWA, Spiritual Digest — December 11, 2023 at 8:16 pm

Making Room For Jesus In Your Heart



Undoubtedly, the Christmas season is a hectic time, and our schedules are tight, with no flexible room left. Mary willingly set aside her reputation to become the mother of Jesus. Joseph made adjustments overnight to welcome the child that he was not the biological father. Wise men from the east left their businesses and hurried after the star to look for the King. The shepherds took off to see the Baby, leaving their flocks behind. All these characters were busy but not too busy to allow God to interrupt their plans. They had listening ears and responsive hearts, unlike Herod, who felt too important in himself and did not respond to the King of kings. The priests who knew so much and served in the temple refused to give their hearts to the Lord. When you ignore the destitute while shopping this Christmas, when you walk past the “lost sinners” without saying a word of hope, when you are not pursuing a life of holiness, etc., then you have just closed your room to Jesus. You are too busy for Him, and He will pass you by.


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