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Are You Still Waiting in Line for Your Turn with God?


Are You Still Waiting in Line for Your Turn with God?

Do you sometimes think that God is too busy and unable to get to your case as quickly as you want him to? You are not angry because you understand He is busy, and others are in line ahead of you or may even have more critical issues than yours. But the question remains: when will it be my turn? You are in good company with David: My God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer me, by night, and I find no rest (Ps. 22:2). Our needs often distort our perspectives of God, resulting in His good promises evaporating into thin air. Well, for the umpteenth time, God will remind us that He is not too busy or distracted from His love and care for us. His heart and arms are wrapped around us, and it is so true that He has never broken a single promise He made. God’s capacity enables Him to attend to you as if you were the only being in all creation. He cares for everyone personally and even knows when a strand of hair falls off your head. My friend, you are not in line waiting for God. God is at work in you right now.


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