Can You Die for The Truth?


During His earthly ministry, Jesus Christ did so much good, including healing and feeding thousands, raising the dead, teaching, counseling, and encouraging thousands without charging a penny. The people even wanted to make Him their king, but He declined. So, why did they kill a man who did a lot of good and never did a wrong? The TRUTH He spoke! They liked His good works but hated the TRUTH He proclaimed. This scenario has not changed since then. Christians in every nation, culture, and generation bring much good to their communities but are hated because we proclaim the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only Savior of the world. Different religions proclaim their own ‘truths’ and make exclusive claims and are welcomed or tolerated, but Christians are labeled as obnoxious, intolerant, judgmental, and should be rid of. The world would rather do away with Christians and their good deeds than accommodate the TRUTH they proclaim. Are we going to tone down or shut up because of the opposition, or are we going to keep on proclaiming the Truth and risk persecution as Jesus did?


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