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Behold The Hero!


The Lord turned to him and said, go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you? Judges 6:14
Behold The Hero!

Every one will like to be the hero that saved their country from an invading army, economic collapse, an epidemic, etc. or saved a life that was about to be extinguished by an inferno, car wreck, drowning or whatever type of bad situation. Doing a heroic act certainly is fulfilling and makes us feel accomplished. Our skills and courage come into play when we carry out such acts.

Israel needed a deliverer and Gideon thought of everyone else except himself. He listed everything that disqualified him from being the hero of his country and interestingly those were the qualities the Lord was looking for in the man He will use. When God wants to use someone, He looks for people who are humble enough to depend only on him and not on their abilities or accomplishment. Check out people like Abraham, Moses, David, Peter, etc. There are two key statements:
a) Go in the (little) strength you have;
b) I am sending you.

No man can accomplish God’s mission based on his or her knowledge, resources, charisma, etc. You must set all those aside for God to use you. Secondly, God must send you. You do not pick up just any assignment you want and engage in it. God must call and send you. You are not doing a mission for God; rather, God is doing His mission through you. God is the Hero, not you.

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