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Why Are Christians Imposing Their Beliefs and Morality on Others?


Why Are Christians Imposing Their Beliefs and Morality on Others?

As postmodernity and humanism take center stage, Christians, especially in nations that were once majority Christian are frequently accused of imposing their values or beliefs on others. Such accusations are unheard of in countries that deny their citizens freedom of religion. Morality is defined as “Standards about what is right, or wrong, good or evil,” crossing such lines attracts reproof. Even before the Bible was written and Christianity was birthed, God put good moral laws into people’s hearts. You do not need to be a Christian to know that murder, lying, and adultery are morally unacceptable. Regulations limit individual freedoms but create more excellent space for all. Those who want freedom and rebel against good laws would not have the freedom they wish if everyone lived lawlessly. In a democratic society, everyone can air their views and beliefs. Those who try to shut down Christians from sharing their beliefs and morality impose their own beliefs and morality on the Christians. We should never impose our beliefs or morality on anyone, as that is not the gospel. We preach Christ and not religion or laws. The Great Commission is our marching orders to preach the Good News. No Retreating!


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