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Sorry, But You Are Not in Charge!


We humans can be funny and phony, and we will soon find out how. None of us chose our parents or decided which day of the week and time to be born. None of us picked the city, town, or hospital to be born. None of us chose our meals for at least the first two years. Most of us did not question the existence of God. Now that we are older, we choose to love or hate our parents; we decide what city to live in, what to eat, and even question if God is there and cares. We think we are in charge of our lives and destinies. That is precisely what makes us funny and phony. We had no control of our beginning and certainly have no control of our end. Despite this, we deceive ourselves that we are in charge of our lives. No one knows when, where, and how they will die. God decided your entry into this world, and He alone planned when you would exit it. Let us stop being phony and admit that God oversees our lives, not ourselves. Relinquish control to Him today. He is in charge, not you.



  • Rev. Sunday Bwanhot

    Rev. Sunday Bwanhot is a missionary to America serving with SIM/ECWA. He is an Economist by profession and has worked as a Statistician with Kaduna State Government. He later pioneered and managed the Challenge Press of ECWA in Jos before God’s call to pioneer the Prayer Ministry of ECWA in Jos, Nigeria. In 1993, God called him to Chicago as a missionary and has been serving there since 1995 to date. Currently, he pastors ECWA Chicago which he planted and serves as the Chairman of the ECWA USA District Church Council. Loves being a grandpa of 8 grandchildren and enjoys writing.

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