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EMS of ECWA, Praise and Prayer, October 2013


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       Brethren, pray for us (1 Thess 5:25)         

TUESDAY 1st NIGERIA’S INDEPENDENCE: Pray for Nigeria as she commemorates her 63rd year independence anniversary today.  

WEDNESDAY 2nd NIGERIAN LEADERS: Pray for Nigeria’s political, traditional and spiritual leaders. Ask God to touch their hearts to lead this country aright.

THURSDAY 3rd 2ND EMS MISSION SUNDAY: The 2nd EMS offering comes up this Sunday. Starting from today, we are declaring a three – day fasting and prayers for the success of this program. Please join us.

FRIDAY 4th 2ND EMS MISSION SUNDAY: Fasting and prayers continue today for the 2nd EMS mission Sunday. Ask God to touch the hearts of His people to give sacrificially for His work.

SATURDAY 5th 2ND EMS MISSION SUNDAY: Today we are rounding up prayer and fasting for the 2nd EMS Sunday. Pray against manipulations of the evil one.

SUNDAY 6th 2ND EMS MISSION SUNDAY: Today is 2nd EMS mission Sunday. All offerings collected today are to be remitted to the EMS HQTRS office for the work of missions. Pray for all those concerns in handling these funds to be faithful.

MONDAY 7th EMS SUPPORTERS: Thank God all our individual and group supporters and their families, LCBs, LCC and DCCs. Pray that God will continue to bless, protect and  supply their every need according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

TUESDAY 8th CITY MINISTRIES: Pray for the 10 new boys and 7 new girls that were recently admitted to our center. Pray for Fatima, a Muslim convert who is in one of the centers.

WEDNESDAY 9th EMS CHILDREN’S SCHOOLS: Praise God for the journey mercies granted to the EMS children back to schools. Praise God for the various gifts the EMS children’s schools received from ECWA Women Fellowship. Praise God for Aphia Simon, Joy David, Tongriyang Sati and Saminu Adamu; short-term volunteered teachers in our school.

THURSDAY 10th EMS CHILDREN’S SCHOOLS: Pray for funds to finish the construction of the school chapel and clinic in EMS Children’s school Jos. Pray for the healing of a child that was bitten by a poisonous snake at the EMS children’s School, Lakweme.

FRIDAY 11th EMS CHILDREN’S SCHOOLS: The EMS hostel parent and Chaplain, Pastor Nadap Ubandoma died in a ghastly motor accident. Pray for his widow and 3 children. Pray that God will bring another parent and Chaplain to fill his position. We have 32 orphans in our school. Pray that God will comfort them and provide for their needs.

SATURDAY 12th EMS MISSION FIELD SCHOOLS: Pray that God will provide funds to complete the structures started for  Mission Station Schools at Boko, Niger State; Azharuma in Nassarawa State and Munape in Abuja FCT.

New ones also need to be established in Donkin Hill, Taraba State; Awala, Sokoto State; Panku  and Shuwo’ Kano State; Gidan Makeri, Sokoto State; Gambu’ Adamawa State; Agimaza’ Nasarawa State; KwapKwapshi’ Plateau State.

Mission Field Schools are a very strategic means of evangelizing many communities in Africa who have no access to education.

SUNDAY 13th NORTH WEST REGION: Thank God for enabling us to pay the entire Missionaries’ salaries last month. Thank God for the roofing of the Regional House. Thank God for smaller donors especially in Kubacha DCC. Thank God for the success of our supporters’ forum in Kaduna.

MONDAY 14th NORTH EAST REGION: Thank God for using one church at the Central Region to donate ₦150,000 for Donkin Hills, 12 bags of rice and ₦52,000 for food stuffs to the Missionaries in this very remote mountainous region.

TUESDAY 15th FAR NOTH REGION: Thank God for 51 new converts and 52 people that amended their ways right with God this month. Thank God for ECWA pastors in Sokoto that made a decision to support one EMS Missionary.

WEDNESDAY 16th FAR NOTH REGION: Praise God for the payment of a house bought for worship in Jigawa DCC. Pray for God’s intervention about the case of Gidan Linji Prayer House in Kano DCC. Two young former Muslim boys in this village became Christians and in a bid to reconvert them to Islam, the parents threatened them and sent them to an ‘Almajiri’ Koranic school. When that proved ineffective, the Muslims in the village resorted to threat of violence against the Christians in the village unless the young boys reconvert to Islam.

THURSDAY 17th MID CENTRAL REGION: Pray for God’s intervention in the Fulani Jihadists frequent  raids of  the Atakar Christian ommunity. Pray for the souls won to Christ this month in the region that they will grow in his grace.

FRIDAY 18th EMS HEADQUATERS: Most of the Motor Vehicles at the EMS Headquarters are old and worn out due to frequent traveling for field supervision and promotional work. They need replacement. Please pray that God will provide the needed funds.

SATURDAY 19th NORTH CENTRAL REGION: Thank God for a pastor who sacrificially donated a 4 bedroom flat EMS Cross Borders’ Missions. Thank God for one new supporter, Engineer Kefas. He donated 4 bundles of zinc for roofing Kada-Kawuce Prayer House in Yelwa DCC.

SUNDAY 20th CENTRAL REGION: Thank God for 55 new converts in Garki DCC. Pray for Gwallo Prayer House where Ingila is serving as a missionary. There are lots of challenges there. Pray for more supporters and smaller donors in Abaji DCC.

MONDAY 21st CROSS BORDERS: Rev. / Mrs. Joseph La'azarus in Malawi witnessed to 19 people. 9 people gave their lives to Christ; 20 people rededicated their lives with 9 people in the baptismal class. They have also started a 6 – month training for 6 indigenous Pastors. Pray also for God's provision to buy a piece of land that cost 4 million naira and for funds to purchase evangelism equipment.

TUESDAY 22nd CROSS BORDERS: THE GAMBIA: Pastor/ Mrs. Blessing Chammang are about to start training our future missionaries. Thank God for the resident EMS Pastor, Joseph Mousa. Thank God for the new converts.

WEDNESDAY 23rdCROSS BORDERS: THE GAMBIA: Pray for a Moslem convert whose wife divorced him and got married to one of his closest friends. Pray that God will provide funds (N3m)for the renovation of EMS discipleship Centre at Barra in the Gambia. Thank God for the progress of evangelism that Rev and Mrs. Silas Yako are doing.

THURSDAY 24th CROSS BORDERS: CAMEROON: Thank God for the new work that has started in Doula. Praise God for the 18 new converts, 16 dedications, 14 in disciple class and the 41 persons in the Baptism class that God will continue to help them to grow in Him. Pray for areas that are still in need of Missionaries that God will raise more.

Pray for Rev./ Mrs. Tanimus that God will continue to use them for his glory as they work with Baptist Mission of Cameroun. Pray for them as they disciple the high Juju Priest who gave his life to Christ and which sent shock waves in the region.

FRIDAY 25th SOUTH WEST: Pray for an increase in mission activities in this region

SATURDAY 26th FULANI RADIO MINISTRY: Thank God for the many lives beings saved as a result of this ministry. Pray for divine provisions for the various needs of Fulani Radio Ministry.

SUNDAY 27th SPORTS FRIENDS: As we gradually approach a favorable climatic condition for sporting activities, pray that God will supply the needs of this ministry.

MONDAY 28th CHURCH PLANTERS: Pray that God will choose for Himself, qualified men and women that would be sent out to our various mission fields outside Nigeria as Cross Borders Missionaries. EMS is in dire need of called, gifted and anointed Evangelists/ Church Planters that would go out to do pioneer work in these Cross Borders Fields.

TUESDAY 29th PRAYER AND FASTING: The EMS family is praying and fasting today. Please join us.   

WEDNESDAY 30th POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: pray for the leading and power of the Holy Spirit in  everything that the EMS does. “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the Lord Almighty” (Zech 4:6)

THURSDAY 31stGIVE THANKS: Thank God for seeing us through to the end of this month. Continue to “pray without ceasing” (Thess 5:17)




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