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ECWA General Secretary visits United States, December 7th-21st, 2015


The ECWA General Secretary, Rev. Prof. Samuel W. Kunhiyop by Innocent Nwaobasi, ECWA USA DCC Secretary

The ECWA General Secretary, Rev. Prof. Samuel W. Kunhiyop, will be in the United States for a pastoral visit on December 7th to 21st, 2015.
The General Secretary itinerary follows:
  1. Atlanta: Thursday December 10th to 12th Saturday. Scheduled interaction with members and leadership.
  2. Arrives in Maryland on Saturday, December 12th to the evening of Tuesday, December 15th and meet with members/worship with the congregation.
  3. Leaves for New York Tuesday, December 15th evening.  
  4. Arrives at First and Second ECWA Louisville December 16th to 19th. Meeting with the members during prayer meeting etc. Have interaction with members and leadership
  5. Will be at ECWA Chicago from Saturday, December 19th to 20th. Where he will get a tour of the new Church and meet with members, leaders and congregation at large.
  6. Leaves for Nigeria on December 21st.

Please employ all pastors and elders to involve members and fellowship groups during the interactions with the General Secretary. Please contact, ECWA DCC Chairman, Rev. Daniel Iselaiye ( Phone: 937-376-9668) or me (, Phone: 404-399-4502), ECWA USA DCC Secretary for further information.


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