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Falling Angels Are The gods of This World

Falling Angels Are The gods of This World.
Falling Angels Are The gods of This World. (Image by Mystic Art Design)

From the time of Adam and Eve fallen angels have been given ruling dominion over the earth. When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit they broke their covenant with God and made a new covenant with death. This covenant allowed the fallen angels dominion over all the earth, which they split up into sections or territories. Each fallen angel has become the ruling entity over their territory or region, allowing for a continual sacrifice of the people.

In every story of old, every myth or fable that tells the tales of gods lies a truth about the fallen angels. These gods are no mythical creatures but real and living beings who have elevated themselves as deities over all the earth. When we read stories of sacrifice and idol worship in the Bible to foreign gods, they are referring to fallen angels. As we know, fallen angels did not cease to exist, therefore, they are still being exalted to this very day.

These ancient deities we refer to as gods are being played out in timeless classics on a daily basis. Not only in pagan worship such as Wicca, but also in television shows and movies. Who doesn’t love a good story about Zues, Posedien, Horus or Thor?  These are fallen angels, not mythical beings. Every time we watch or read a story about them, we are participating in idol worship. What’s more, we are being reprogrammed by the lies that we can be like gods, we don’t need the one true God, and can have superhuman strength and power, just to name a few.

When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all mankind, he set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel. For the Lord’s portion is his people, Jacob his allotted inheritance.

Deuteronomy 32:8-9

Fallen angels have an unseen hold over mankind and we worship them. It all started when fathers and husbands gave their wives and daughters over to them, which goes back to Genesis chapter 6. These heavenly beings instilled fear and desired sacrifice as worship from the people. Every human sacrifice grew their power and strength, so they continued to demand more and more. The fallen angels realized they could be immortalized through the people, as they sang songs and told take of their greatness and strength.

Soon men were building temples and entire cities in honor of these false gods. Whole empires were being built on the promise of wealth, power and everlasting life. With the ability to mate with human women came a new surge of power for the fallen angels as well as mankind. A new breed of angel was created, called Nephilim: a human and angel hybrid. These Nephilim were more powerful than man and yet had the ability to live and work alongside them. They were a race of giants with superhuman strength and abilities. They taught man and instructed them in the ways of idolatry and gave them the tools and weapons of their own destruction. The fallen angels provided elaborate blueprints and instructions for making grand temples and statues, just like the Tower of Babel or the Pyramids in Egypt, to be erected in their honor.

Women across time have been made slaves to these creatures, to further the growth of their kind. Breedersare women who are taken into captivity and forced to mate with these Nephilim hybrids, creating demon spawn. Each Nephilim that is born is killed so that its spirit can be released and its power harnessed by human beings. The fallen angels realized the potential of these power during the great flood. Many Nephilim who lived as men perished along with mankind during the terrible flood yet their spirits gained power and strength because they were not destroyed.

When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all mankind, he set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel. For the Lord’s portion is his people, Jacob his allotted inheritance.

Deuteronomy 32:8-9

These spirits are commonly referred to as demons today, and as we know they are very active in their mission to further the torment of the human race. They are evil and jealous creatures who stop at nothing to harass and debilitate men. Stories of demigods of old are actually stories of these Nephilim creatures. Hercules, Perseus, and even Goliath are no myths but true stories of these men/angels. Not only that, but stories of superheroes such as Superman, Spiderman, or Hulk are examples of how prevalent the Nephilim superheroes of old have invaded our hearts.

We worship these demigods and desire to be like them. How many times have you thought which superhero power you would choose if you could? These superhero gods are just recreations of the gods of old, reformatted for modern days. We must stop giving our power and worship to these evil beings. Humans are still sacrificing to Fallen angels and their Nephilim offspring daily through abortions and satanic rituals, and being glorified through social media and Hollywood. They set up their alters in every church in every nation. We bow down before them and we can’t even see it because it is so well hidden in our psyche.

We must tear down the high places and alters to these gods of old. Moloch, Asherah, Baal, Jezebaal, Tammuz and Nimrod are the same as Isis, Osiris, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Vishnu, Krishna, Hanuman, Shiva, Allah, Pan, Cernunnos, Gaia, etc. With each new religion, country, culture, etc these fallen angels take on new names to draw in that people group. Only the names and some attributes change but the gods remain the same.

God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the “gods” 

Psalm 82:1

We have sacrificed ourselves over to idols, whoring ourselves out to these foreign gods. We convince ourselves it harmless while we watch them storm the gates of our homes. We are not allowing the one, true living God to be sovereign Lord over to our lives because we won’t give up our idol worship. We hide them in our cupboards in hopes Jesus won’t see our secret sin, but the Lord of Hosts sees all. He knows our hearts and all the secrets within. He has created a people set apart unto Him, and we are continually paying the price for our idolatry.

The entire Old Testament is a testament of Gods love and faithfulness to His people even though we constantly fall away. God has never changed and His call to repentance still remains. Come away from your false worship and pagan idolatry and turn away from the gods of old. Repent and be forgiven. Lead your family away and He will bring you out of Egypt. My whole life has become daily repentance for these things. I am constantly having to see and recognize where my life and worship has been given over to these false deities. It is not because I am evil, its because my parents whored me out to slavery, just as their parents did, and their parents before them.

“The ‘gods’ know nothing, they understand nothing.
    They walk about in darkness;
    all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

 “I said, ‘You are “gods”;
    you are all sons of the Most High.’
 But you will die like mere mortals;
    you will fall like every other ruler.”

Psalm 82:5-7


We have come from an ancestry of idolators and we need to be the generation who puts it to an end. Right here and right now. Our God is a loving God; slow to anger and abound in grace and mercy. He wants nothing more than to welcome us home like the prodigal son. He is waiting for us to realize what we have can never compare to the legacy and inheritance of Jesus Christ. When you are born of the Spirit you are given the chance for complete redemption through Christ. That redemption is a process as we go through with humility and submission, removing the idols of our lives and in our hearts.

God is faithful. Not because we deserve it, or because we earn it, but just because that is His character. Gods nature is love and mercy. It’s time to put down your burdens and rest, trusting that your submission will bring you into His Promised Land of grace and truth. We must stop leaning on our own understanding of grace and salvation and start realizing that the greatest weapon of faith we have is surrender to God. When we surrender to Him, the power of Christ rests upon us, and the kingdom of darkness is disabled.

 The people who walked in darkness
    have seen a great light;
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness,
    on them has light shone.
You have multiplied the nation;
    you have increased its joy;
they rejoice before you
    as with joy at the harvest,
    as they are glad when they divide the spoil.
 For the yoke of his burden,
    and the staff for his shoulder,
    the rod of his oppressor,
    you have broken as on the day of Midian.
 For every boot of the tramping warrior in battle tumult
    and every garment rolled in blood
    will be burned as fuel for the fire.
 For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given;
and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
    and his name shall be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
 Of the increase of his government and of peace
    there will be no end,
on the throne of David and over his kingdom,
    to establish it and to uphold it
with justice and with righteousness
    from this time forth and forevermore.
The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this.

Isaiah 9:2-7


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  1. I just came across this article today, never knew this existed but this is word for word exactly what I try to tell people or family when talking about the mythologies and “Gods” of the past and how that has transitioned to our time now!! finally feels nice to have someone share the same opinion!

  2. Message was good , but how do I fight these demigods in my life of today.. Thank you Beth

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